User Interfaces

Umantec focuses on human-factors support for technical environments. Umantec is specialised in developing easy-to-use user-interfaces for complex systems. These systems are generally socio-technical systems, systems in which both people as well as technology play an important role, and it can be as small as a website.

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Large and small

Easy-to-use systems are important whenever people use technology. Major accidents, such as stranding ships or derailing trains, often start with a seemingly insignificant decision. Also something simple as buying a cup of coffee from a vending machine is often much more complex than necessary, not to speak about programming video-recorders. A good user-interface is of critical importance.

Procedures and training

In addition to the user-interface are procedures and training important for safe and effective use of systems. The interface, procedures, and training must all fit for optimal usability in all situations.


There is much scientific knowledge available about the development of user-interfaces. By applying this knowledge many problems can be prevented. For effective user-interface e design much knowledge and experience is needed, knowledge and experience Umantec has.


The optimisation of the usability of the user-interface has three goals:


Umantec considers the entire socio-technical system. In the analysis different views of the system are used. Each of the views will provide additional information needed for an optimal usability.

Umantec's service comprises the following four phases of product development. Our main focus is on the technical aspects of the system while not losing sight of the system as a whole.


For this Umantec applies various techniques. Some examples: