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The Mobotix networked video-camera is a very versatile system. It can be employed in a number of ways to monitor and secure an object or area. The strong points of the camera are on-board storage of images and video, two-way audio communication, and alarm triggering. The alarms can be triggered through video motion, sound level, light level, infra-red movement, and more.

Web interface

In its simplest form it has a web interface to view the images and control the system. This is sufficient for situation that involve only one or a few cameras with very limited requirements.


In situations that require constant monitoring Mobotix provides a viewer for its propriety video-format (MxPEG), the MxViewer. This viewer provides streaming video with several cameras while the network load remains relatively low.

The advantage is that all camera images are directly available. The disadvantage is that someone needs to monitor the images. Continuous monitoring is specialised work, done in an central alarm-post.

Alarm post

In order to cope with this umantec/antenne3 developed a virtual alarm-post. The monitoring by a human security employee is replaced by using the monitoring capabilities of the Mobotix camera. When an alarm is triggered, this message is sent to the virtual alarm-centre, processed, and forwarded to one or more security employees in the vicinity.

A very simple alarm-centre is provided by umantec for free. It requires one networked computer that receives the alarm messages from the cameras. When an alarm is received, the alarm-centre system retrieves the image from the camera automatically. The programme raises itself from the background, sounds an alarm, and displays the image with some additional information. Using a simple mouse click the MxViewer is started, providing streaming video and audio from the camera.

alarm-post image
Alarm-Centre User-Interface (version 0.2.0)


The system is available in two versions, for MS-Windows and Linux (on request). It is provided for free. It comes as it is, without support and without any guarantees. You are not free to distribute the package or any of the files enclosed. Please see the enclosed README for more information.

download AlarmCentre V0.4.3, MS Windows version (4.9MB)
You need to download MxViewer independently.

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