Various small projects

I made a few pages that might be of interest. They are not related in any way.

  1. AJC van Westrenen - Olland

    Overview of designs made by my father, A.J.C. van Westrenen, for Olland Industry (Snelwegerfabriek Olland). Over a period of 40 years ('46-'87) he made almost all designs for Olland, e.g. balances, slicers, and coffee vending machines (Dutch text). These pages are work in progress.
  2. Google Sitemap Generator

    There are several tools to generate a sitemap. None of them met my requirements, so I made a new one based on a very simple one I found. (Google Sitemap Generator) is a Perl script to create a sitemap and inform Google. File inclusion, directory exclusion, and priority calculation are possible.
    The original script was made by Tony Lawrence.
  3. GNUkeyring to keepass conversion

    After years of work my Palm PDA has to go. My new password manager will be keepass2 and/or keepassx. To transfer my passwords from jpilot to keepass I wrote this utility. It is based on a Perl script to dump the jpilot GNUkeyring file. The resulting xml-file can directly be imported into keepass2 (not yet into keepassx2). dump-gnukeyring-keepass1xml script
  4. TomTom RDS-TMC external aerial (antenna)

    The reception of TMC data with the TomTom RDS-TMC receiver is not optimal. It becomes much better by using the car's radio aerial. For that the receiver must be modified. A short description of the modification.
  5. LaTeX testdocument for kerning

    To see a font and how well the kerning is done this document can help. Simply set a font style file and run.
  6. ADSL modem reset

    Two scripts to test adsl modem connection and reset when needed
  7. Type1 fonts and LaTeX

    Installing a new font for LaTeX can be hard. So I made a description of the installation process of new type-1 font for (La)TeX. It comes with a set of Perl- and Bash-scripts
  8. Dictionary Dutch

    In 1996 the Netherlands introduced a new spelling law. As a result, the official spelling changed dramatically (again in 2006). Some like the new spelling, I don't. Since I am not obliged to use the new spelling, I stick to the old one. If you like to use the wordlist from 1954 (woordenlijst van de Nederlandse taal 1954) on Debian GNU/Linux, check out the packages here.
  9. Opening a Compaq Armada M300 laptop

    After the pcmcia-slot got damaged I needed to open my Compaq Armada. For those who want to take their Compaq Armada apart I made a short instruction. Installing an additional memory module is covered.
  10. ADSL Time with Linux

    In the Netherlands and Belgium you can get an ADSL connection for which you pay for the connection time. Because I do not use MS-Windows I made an ADSL Time tool to use the Speedtouch 510 with an ADSL Time subscription and a non MS-Windows OS. It is written in Perl/Tk.
    To be able to control the modem, a description of the indicator lights of the Speedtouch 510 is given, and a description of the full-reset procedure (a full reset will remove the modem login-password).
  11. Speedtouch Routed Ethernet

    Description to use the Speedtouch 510 with Demon ADSL (Dutch text only).
  12. Photoshop plug-ins in GIMP, Debian version

    Tor Lillqvist made a plug-in to run Photoshop plug-ins in GIMP ».
    I compiled a version for Debian Sarge.
    Download pspi-1.0.5_debian-sarge.tgz here. You can get the source from Tor's pspi-page. Additional information is also available from that page.

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