Opening Compaq Armada M300

Manuals: For more information, see the Armada M300
User Reference Guide (2MB),
Maintenance and Service Guide (1.9MB), and
QuickSpecs (130kB),
I found these on this interesting website.

These instructions are based on Georg Acher's instructions

If you want to remove the keyboard only (e.g. add memory): point 1 and 4, and you may want to check the User Reference Guide (chapter 4). The M300 has 64MB installed permanently, and can hold one dimm module of 256MB maximum. Please make sure that the memory block is compatible with Compaq. Compaq always has been very picky about memory.

If you want to disassemble the entire notebook, please consult the Maintenance and Service Guide in addition to these instructions. That guide also includes troubleshooting and diagnostics instructions.

Only attempt this if you are skilled in handling sensitive devices. Opening this laptop is not difficult, but it is a complex device that is easy to damage.

Opening the armada requires three screwdrivers:
phillips no 0, flat 3mm, and torx T8.

  1. Shutdown computer. Remove all cables, battery, etc. Ensure that you are electrically discharged.
  2. Turn it upside down. You can remove the HD bracket on the left-front (now right) by removing the phillips screw at the corner, pulling up the loose half of the cover, and sliding the bracket out sideways.
  3. Remove all TORX-screws on the bottom and on the back (where the VGA connector is, there are 10 screws). If you like, you can remove the lid on the modem, and pop-out the modem by removing the one screw holding it (it has a connector on the back-side). Turn it back.
  4. Now you have to "pop up" the keyboard by pressing the three notches at the top of the keyboard. Put a small screwdriver between the rim of the keyboard and the notch and gently press the handle/notch backwards.
  5. After taking out the keyboard, remove the ribbon cable from the PCB by sliding the brown part of the plug on the PCB to the front.
  6. Open the display by 180 degrees, making the entire system flat. Now you can remove the panel with the LEDs and the hot keys. Lift the panel at the back by inserting a small screwdriver in the joint between the display and the panel.
  7. Unplug the three connectors to the display running in the joints (one video data, one microphone and one backlight. Then you can remove the 2*2 screws that hold the display on the bottom case.
  8. Remove the small ribbon cable to the touch pad (right above the touchpad), the principle is the same as for the keyboard. This connector has no clamping mechanism like the keyboard (my m300).
  9. After that you can remove the top cover. Loosten it carefully, and start lifting from the front. There is one notch on the top-cover, just under the metal Compaq-label on the lid/display (left of the touch-panel).

The entire system is now accessable.

Assembling is just the reverse way, the only hard bit is fiddling back the touch panel connector into the plug. The remaining stuff is quite easy.

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